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  • +EU-2-2007/18922/0 Building resilience to natural disasters
  • +EU-2-2008/197-660 PACIFIC COMMUNICATIONS - 72,000.00 EUR
  • +EU-2-2009/203-477 Programme Estimate No. 1
  • +EU-2-2009/209-929 Design and supervision services
  • +EU-2-2010/240-680 Evaluation of Vava'u Social Sector Programme in Tonga and of OIDP in Cook Islands ( Cook Component)
  • +EU-2-2011/261-906 TCF - Programme Estimate 2
  • +EU-2-2011/262-481 Construction of the Pukapuka Cyclone Management Centre
  • +EU-2-2011/272-489 Programme Estimate 3 (Euro 141,500)
  • +EU-2-2011/282-117 Addendum to contract 262481
  • +EU-2-2012/283-426 ADDENDUM TO CONTRACT 209-929
  • +EU-2-2013/24400/0 Cook Islands Sanitation Sector Reform Contract
  • +EU-2-2013/314-049 Final Evaluation of the Building Resilience Programme in the Cook Islands (Pukapuka)
  • +EU-2-2014/339-672 Sanitation Sector Reform Contract
  • +EU-2-2014/340-858 Solar photovoltaic power generation capacity in Cook Islands
  • +EU-2-2014/341-764 Financial Audit of Cook Islands Pukapuka Works contract with Land Holdings Limited
  • +EU-2-2017/380-911 Interdisciplinary assessment of the Muri lagoon
  • +EU-2-2017/383-374 Feasibility studies to scope options to establish a Centralised Laboratory