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  • +EU-1-2009/202-059 Development education reaching out Lithuanian local players
  • +EU-1-2012/305-170 Support to the Government of the Republic of Lithuania on issues related to EU and international Development Policy
  • +EU-1-2015/356-233 National Work Programme for Lithuania for the European Year for Development
  • +EU-1-2016/378-259 Offer of services and supplies for the WORLDS BEST NEWS DAY organisation in Lithuania
  • +XI-IATI-EC_NEAR-2002/601/0 =A53= National programme 2002 for Lithuania part 2
  • +XI-IATI-EC_NEAR-2003/4315/0 Special Action on Kaliningrad Transit
  • +XI-IATI-EC_NEAR-2003/4341/0 Lithuania National Programme 2003
  • +XI-IATI-EC_NEAR-2003/5809/0 Phare external border initiative
  • +XI-IATI-EC_NEAR-2003/5877/0 Special Action in the Baltic Sea Region 2003 - Lithuania
  • +XI-IATI-EC_NEAR-2004/16845/0 Transition Facility Programme for Lithuania 2004
  • +XI-IATI-EC_NEAR-2004/16925/0 2004 Transition Facility National Programme Lithuania
  • +XI-IATI-EC_NEAR-2005/17494/0 Transition Facility Lithuania 2005