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  • +EU-1-2003/034-209 Building Kosovos Future from within
  • +EU-1-2003/034-496 Rehabilitation of Torture Victims and Torture Prevention
  • +EU-1-2008/168-444 Preventing torture and other forms of human rights violations in places of detention in Kosovo
  • +EU-1-2008/168-496 Strengthening the Participation of People with Mental Disabilities in Kosovo Society
  • +EU-1-2010/236-118 EIDHR 2009 - 2010 training sessions to civil society organisations (CSO's)
  • +EU-1-2010/256-140 Trafficking Prevention for Vulnerable Youth and Women in Kosovo
  • +EU-1-2010/256-215 Monitoring of public services and TV debates
  • +EU-1-2010/256-425 Enhancing the Positive Impact of the Law for Vulnerable and Marginalised Groups in Kosovo
  • +EU-1-2010/256-528 Strengthening the role of elderly women in promoting gender equality
  • +EU-1-2010/256-558 Human Rights Film Factory - Human Rights Stories from the Kosovo margins
  • +EU-1-2010/256-667 Komunikimi
  • +EU-1-2010/256-724 Theatre Clubs of Cultural Debate in Primary Schools
  • +EU-1-2012/297-265 Building support systems for LGBT people in Kosovo
  • +EU-1-2012/297-283 Innovation, Inclusion, Human Rights - IIHR
  • +EU-1-2013/323-369 Assessment of project proposals under the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights Call for Proposals, CBSS 2012 for Kosovo
  • +EU-1-2014/346-563 Assessment of project proposals under the EIDHR for Kosovo 2013 Call for Proposals