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  • +NZ-1-A11210 Nigeria NZ Scholarships Tertiary Studies
  • +NZ-1-A12596 Cambodia Quality Horticulture
  • +NZ-1-A00526 Health Sector Programme
  • +NZ-1-A11720 Tuvalu Renewable Energy Projects
  • +NZ-1-A12486 Tonga Zika Response
  • +NZ-1-A12481 Pacific Laboratory Quality Assurance
  • +NZ-1-4853 Strengthening Leadership of Pacific Youth
  • +NZ-1-A10918 Human Resources Development
  • +NZ-1-4458 Support to the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC)
  • +NZ-1-A00747 Fisheries: Pacific Tuna Tagging Project Phase 2
  • +NZ-1-A11306 Papua New Guinea - Bogia Smallholder Market Access Project
  • +NZ-1-A12412 University of the South Pacific 2016 - 2018
  • +NZ-1-3763 Cambodia Strategy Implementation - Sector-wide Silk Project
  • +NZ-1-A12194 Tropical Cyclone Pam 2015 Relief Supply Deployments
  • +NZ-1-A10952 Design of New Scholarships Scheme
  • +NZ-1-A11745 Solomon Island - East Malaita Early Childhood Education Project
  • +NZ-1-A11486 Fisheries: Tuna Investment and Export Facilitation
  • +NZ-1-A12419 Fisheries: Pacific Tuna Management Strategy Evaluation
  • +NZ-1-A11555 Tokelau Budget Support 2013-14
  • +NZ-1-A12566 2016 Ecuador Earthquake
  • +NZ-1-A12103 ASEAN Vocational Training for Agriculture
  • +NZ-1-A12062 Sustainable fisheries support to Morocco
  • +NZ-1-A10837 Indonesia - Long-Term Post-Tsunami Community Recovery in Mentawai Islands.
  • +NZ-1-A00340 Solomon Islands Education Information Management
  • +NZ-1-A12010 Pacific Island Countries Participation Fund 14/15
  • +NZ-1-3001 NZ Development Scholarship (Open) Guatemala
  • +NZ-1-A11318 Zambia - Luangwa Integrated Agricultural Activity
  • +NZ-1-A11123 LAO PDR Unexploded Mine Removal
  • +NZ-1-A00497 Tokelau Infrastructure
  • +NZ-1-L10156 Small Projects Scheme (SPS)
  • +NZ-1-A11191 GuatemalaNZ Scholarships Tertiary Studies